Some questions to mull over..........

Are you the kind of manager or leader that you want to be?

Does your leadership style stay true to your personal values?

There are choices to be made – do you have enough clarity?

Are you able to focus fully on the strategic issues affecting your part of the business?

Why choose coaching?

There are many reasons why people choose coaching as a way of addressing the things that concern them. Amongst the most frequent issues that are raised are; coping with change, issues relating to leadership, dealing with difficult working relationships and work-life balance…….

Of course it isn’t always about issues – other common coaching areas include identifying what you want or need to be better at doing, being successful and still finding time for fun, and objective setting in the first months of a new role.

Your coach will ensure your goals are clear and specific.  Throughout our coaching programmes we will keep you on track and accountable for the actions to which you commit.  Although challenging at times, we make sure you push through your self imposed boundaries and achieve all you can.

Despite the fact that we will look obstacles and barriers straight in the eye, we won’t dwell on negative thoughts.  Instead, we will keep focus on all that moves you forward and contributes to your success.  BAY Coaching is about real issues, learning, deeper insights, eliminating barriers, and stepping into a first rate version of yourself.


For a new manager...

We all know that strong leadership is vital to the success of an organisation. Our focus is to take the best from the traditional management training that you have probably had, and add our individual coaching into the mix. This will ensure that as a new or emerging leader you are able to use your own innate resources, strengths and talents to be a strong leader of the future.

For senior managers...

Our coaching programmes are designed to support your management and leadership community to deliver results against specific business objectives. We provide challenge when necessary, help to find clarity when in a ‘business fog’, support to work through things that get in the way and encouragement – always.

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