You might ask yourself “is that investment in time really going to show a return?” But maybe the real question is “do you have the time to work with a team that isn’t performing to it’s very best”? You want, and need, to know what the benefits are to you, as the Line Manager

Higher performing team = a motivated team = higher performing team

People who are motivated will do a better job. That sounds obvious doesn’t it. So how often do you take a moment to really consider those words, and the implications they have for you as the LM? Devoting the time to developing your team really will mean that you have more time in the long run to concentrate on those things that best use your own management skills, talent and knowledge. Your team will perform at a higher level and do a better job. They will be more willing than before and relaxed enough to ask for help when necessary because they know it will be given. So, learning happens and skills increase. You’ll find that your team will demonstrate increased interest and will actively seek alternative approaches to challenges. As they acquire more knowledge, so confidence to apply it increases too.

Because your team is motivated and interested in how its performance influences wider business objectives, it will have a positive impact on other areas of the business and also your stakeholders. People will be more willing to deal with your team and will feel increased confidence in their abilities to respond and deliver. Your team’s renewed energy for the job means they take on more and you feel totally comfortable that they will do a good job and escalate issues only when necessary.

So what does this mean for you personally? Well, your time is now free for you to concentrate on the things that are of most importance to you in achieving the higher level objectives for which you are responsible. Your own Line Manager will notice that you are delivering on the things expected and that you are spending less time dealing with day to day operational issues. What conclusions might be drawn from that? Here are some suggestions……

  • You’ve really ‘stepped up’ in your role
  • You’re developing your staff allowing and encouraging them to learn and therefore creating talent and expertise coming through the business
  • Your team have a renewed sense of loyalty to you
  • Other people want to work in your team
  • Your role is now more interesting to you and presents opportunities for you to develop and build your own skills

How does that sound to you?

Clearly this doesn’t happen overnight, it can take many months. However, it is time well spent and is also fun and rewarding.

It wouldn’t be right to ignore the downside to investing time and energy into developing your team……………….but the good news is that there isn’t a downside! No, nothing but gain and positive results for all concerned. So go on then, take the bull by the horns and start creating a plan for your team. Can you really afford not to?

Happy talking!