Working in partnership

We will support you in exploring your unique situation and finding answers. We’re comfortable in asking the challenging questions that will enable you to confront, and name, your barriers and allow you to move forward – even if at times it seems easier to avoid it. We’re there to partner with you as you work out the changes you want to make, and to help you create a meaningful and personal action plan. Most importantly, we’ll be alongside you encouraging you to identify the things you love about work, how you can best use your own strengths and get stuck into what you really love doing.

In essence, you do the hard work! We will not be providing you with magical answers, we will not tell you what to do. There may be many formulas and methodologies that you might want to explore for your situation but we will not be insisting that you do. We believe that you are the expert on yourself, your life and your uniqueness. As you enter into a coaching partnership with us, we believe the environment – always supportive, always stimulating, sometimes challenging and sometimes stretching – will enable you to find the answers and keys that are exactly right for you.

Working with us can be both inspiring and challenging as we help you to take control and be the best possible version of yourself. Working collaboratively with you, we’ll provide a safe, supportive and honest space to authentically explore your values and goals, to reflect on your behaviours and impact on others, to consider your skills and strength and to think about the challenges you face and the results you want. Whatever your agenda, we’ll be there to keep you focused, motivated and supported at all times.


Beverley Youdan

Beverley Youdan is a professional coach who works with business managers and people in leadership roles. This highly motivated group of people have a strong desire to be the most effective in their role and excellent leaders of their teams. Sometimes they are frustrated that day to day operational issues and short term targets get in the way of focusing on their longer term vision and the strategic outcomes for which they are aiming.

Following a rewarding executive career in Human Resource Management, Beverley decided to use all that she had learned about business, and the importance of productive teamwork, and began a coaching practice that works with individual leaders, managers and teams who have a desire for better results, more engagement and increased enjoyment at work. She is passionate about working with people who value, and want the best for, others as for themselves.

Beverley’s experience of working with managers and leaders throughout her professional career confirmed to her the significant difference that professional coaching can make to business. Beverley strongly believes that increased self awareness takes us closer to maximising our potential. Results show that true competitive edge is gained through the commitment, good will and engagement of people at all levels and that this is directly impacted by those in leadership positions.

During her corporate career, Beverley provided executive coaching to senior executives and VPs. This proved to be particularly effective during various periods of major change, organisation redesign and restructure. She also worked with teams, helping them to move rapidly through the change curve and into the future plans of the business.

In the role of ‘thinking partner’, Beverley creates a safe place for challenge and support. A passion borne out of experience, she firmly believes that, in an ever changing world, working with people in this way creates a sustainable competitive edge for businesses.

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What our clients say

KMB, Director

I found Beverley to be an excellent coach. I really valued her ability to listen at a deeper level and provide thought provoking and enlightened new perspectives on the back of that. She has helped me see things from a different, much more useful angle, which has enabled me to progress with my goals in a very productive way.

LT, Business Director, London

Beverley is a great coach. She is sensitive and sincere and cares deeply for the welfare of her clients. She works patiently to help them get to the bottom of their issues using humour and empathy along the way. Her style is very natural and she makes the client feel safe to open up. Bev understands the corporate environment as well as broader issues around the world of work and uses this, together with skilled coaching techniques to help people reach their desired outcomes

Head of Key Stage Three (Ages 11-14), Modern Foreign Languages

Beverley was brilliant in helping me to work out how best to manage the challenges that lay before me as an emerging leader. Extremely experienced, Beverley was able to tease out my strengths and work on areas for improvement using a range of different coaching techniques and skills built up over years of leadership training and development. I would highly recommend Beverley for her professionalism and dedication to getting the best out of her clients with real enthusiasm and interest. She offers a very personal service, tailored to your particular areas of focus and is very flexible in terms of adapting to your needs.

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